The Rigged Beer Can Regatta

My plan to win the Beer Can Regatta was simple at first: just throw a can into the water with everyone else and hope it beat the rest of the competitors. Due to a simple mistake and some quick thinking, I managed to test the ambiguous rules of this event while pulling off an upsetContinue reading “The Rigged Beer Can Regatta”

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Migratory Fondness

“There are places I remember All my life, though some have changed Some forever, not for better Some have gone, and some remain All these places have their meanings With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living In my life, I’ve loved them all…”   In My LifeContinue reading “Migratory Fondness”

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Once Upon a Small Desert Town

Back when television consisted of four or five channels, with midday programming limited to soaps, we depended on an active imagination to avoid idleness. My dad loved to hear me say “I’m bored”. It gave him a break, because he sentenced me to hard labor if I dared whine “there’s nothing to do!”. There was no recourse; if I said it, he had an instant cure for boredom: a long list of chores. Thanks to Dad, I learned to pursue creative endeavours and invent adventures.

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