16 comments on “The Most Important Day of My Life

  1. Beautiful, Patrick. What an inspiring story, and what an incredible mother she was. How terribly sad as you say that so many others never got the chance to prove their doctors wrong. Glad you did, my friend!!

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    • Thank you Carole! Please be sure to read “Pancho” and “Doc and His Amazing Chickens” to see my brighter side. I like to leave ya cryin, but also chuckling! Please share as many as you care to!


      • Pancho was hilarious! I thought I might reblog that one but was a bit concerned about my reputation. I’m havig second thoughts now and think I probably should reblog it. It certainly shows how you laugh your socks off when you’re faced with a challenge most people would cry over. Yes; I will reblog.


      • Lmao! Your “reputation” will remain intact. That is why I prefaced the post with a warning! Thank you… my wife cracked up over this comment. 🙂


  2. A remarkable woman and you are remarkable too. Anything is possible. Well done for all you have achieved and much respect to your late mother. You don’t mention much about your father, I am sure he was just as supportive of you, but we mother’s do have something in us which won’t give up or let go when it concerns our children. Live long and prosper and always be thankful you had the mother you did. So many don’t or can’t.

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