2 comments on “Stacey, My Love Story

  1. It is so wondrous to read these words even though I know how you love me because I feel it wash over me every time you look into my eyes, touch my hand, when you laugh when I am being the weirdest person in the world. I know the depth of my love for you is oceanic. It feels like I am drowning in a blissful sea of love and strength and hope. I think it is impressive that whenever one of us has lost their way, the other has grabbed our hands and pulled us along with them until we are both buoyant again. We just don’t let go.

    It is funny to imagine us in old age because even now I still picture us as when we met and when I think of the future it is not ancient mariners I bring to mind. I see the rockers and the grandchildren, the house with the big porch, lemonade and fireflies. I also imagine us having time to be doing crazy things like walking across Spain or hitting up awesome concerts. (Hopefully the singers will remember most of the lyrics!)

    It is funny how we found each other, just two people who ended up to be a perfect compliment, whose souls and egos were bruised or scarred by others, trashed and indifferent, in a swirling chaos of pain we let each other find the light and the good of what could be, even as we each hardly dared to hope it could be true.

    But for twenty years we have been each others love and strength, hope and catalyst to move forward with this life we have made. So raise your glass to more years of love and talks, walks, arguments, family, music, crises, smiles and love. Yes I put love twice because more than anything that is what we always have at the end of the day, week or year.

    You are my most beloved.

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