The Vapist vs. The Smoker

It sounds rather chilling a name, but if you know me, it fits. My wife calls me The Vapist. Considering where I was a year ago, I kinda like this moniker. We were planning a trip in our new car. Travelling around Oregon for three days, pampering ourselves and stepping into new adventures, we wereContinue reading “The Vapist vs. The Smoker”

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One Month Update

This Saturday marks one month since I quit smoking and started vaping. ONE MONTH! Sure, I’ve done it before using nearly every method available, but I haven’t been a fire-breathing serial-killer-in-waiting this time. The unit itself, plus coils and “juice”, initially cost me $115. Since then I’ve purchased about $50 more in different flavors. InContinue reading “One Month Update”

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Vaping Away in…

One week ago, I traded my smelly old habit for a new, hopefully healthier, way of hanging on to the nicotine monkey. Like I’ve said, this addiction has been pretty much lifelong. When I was a kid, smoking was not only accepted but encouraged. My first smoke was at 10 years old, a stolen mentholContinue reading “Vaping Away in…”

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Fighting the Nicotine Monkey

Having grown up in an era when smoking was common, I became hooked on nicotine at a very early age. All my life I’ve fought the strongest addiction I’ve ever known. I’d smoke a few years, stop for a few, smoke again, stop again… you get the picture. This weekend, I made the switch toContinue reading “Fighting the Nicotine Monkey”

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