The Vapist vs. The Smoker

It sounds rather chilling a name, but if you know me, it fits. My wife calls me The Vapist. Considering where I was a year ago, I kinda like this moniker. We were planning a trip in our new car. Travelling around Oregon for three days, pampering ourselves and stepping into new adventures, we wereContinue reading “The Vapist vs. The Smoker”

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Zero Views Today…So Far

OK readers, what gives? True, I’m not the Blog Superhero. I don’t have the time to post every day. Each story/post (except this one) takes hours to produce. A story is a fireball of energy that builds from within, sometimes for decades, and explodes into the keyboard in an instant of emotion and/or fury. AfterContinue reading “Zero Views Today…So Far”

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Pancho Moves In

(Patrick’s Note: Please excuse the sensitive matter of this post. In fact, this is an extremely graphic description of a medical issue I had a few years back. It is not intended for anyone other than adults to read, and is periodically punctuated with profanity. Having extended this warning, I now leave you to… Pancho.)Continue reading “Pancho Moves In”

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