Migratory Fondness

“There are places I remember All my life, though some have changed Some forever, not for better Some have gone, and some remain All these places have their meanings With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living In my life, I’ve loved them all…”   In My LifeContinue reading “Migratory Fondness”

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Zero Views Today…So Far

OK readers, what gives? True, I’m not the Blog Superhero. I don’t have the time to post every day. Each story/post (except this one) takes hours to produce. A story is a fireball of energy that builds from within, sometimes for decades, and explodes into the keyboard in an instant of emotion and/or fury. AfterContinue reading “Zero Views Today…So Far”

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Why Write and… Stuff

I don’t know what to write. All I know is I should write something. Anything? No, just something. It’s better than nothing, ain’t it? Why write? Because that’s what I am. Homo sapiens-literatura. It’s not what I do, it’s what I am. Good or bad, we all have something creative within. No need to aspireContinue reading “Why Write and… Stuff”

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The Book Lives!

Finished reading my unfinished novel the other day. While it is a rough first draft, it has promise. Since it’s unfinished, I had to read it through so I know how to bring it to THE END. Now I’m going through it, making notes on characters, plot, and what needs to be researched. Stephen KingContinue reading “The Book Lives!”

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Pancho Moves In

(Patrick’s Note: Please excuse the sensitive matter of this post. In fact, this is an extremely graphic description of a medical issue I had a few years back. It is not intended for anyone other than adults to read, and is periodically punctuated with profanity. Having extended this warning, I now leave you to… Pancho.)Continue reading “Pancho Moves In”

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Characters Coming Back to Life…

After reading about 150 pages of my unfinished 948-page beast of a novel, I’ve already started planning the re-write and finish. I’m having a blast! It’s fascinating reading something I began 17 years ago. My thought processes, writing style and life experience has changed me, but these book characters remain the same. Since I’m readingContinue reading “Characters Coming Back to Life…”

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NOVEL UPDATE 8/2/14… The other chapters are on my tablet now. It took some frustrating effort to transfer all the files into a program that will allow me to simply read them without all the editing tools cluttering the page. My characters are active again. They’re alive and speaking. Reading it is like finding aContinue reading “Novelties…”

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Dusting Off My Novel

Started reading the 948 page monster I negan writing almost 17 years ago, and realized it’s in 5 parts. Too bad the other parts aren’t on my tablet. I was excitedly zipping thru it on my breaks, making mental notes as I drove my bus. Rediscovering my characters. Greeting my old friend. Then STOP. Sigh.Continue reading “Dusting Off My Novel”

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