Poetry, Shorts and Quotes

We’re all in love with lofty thoughts and ideals when we’re young and fresh in the world. I wrote this just before my first child was born.


Hiker’s Dream


Climb this rock and face the wind!

     feel the touch of a whispering friend

Seat yourself and float away

     from the dusty storms today.


Daydreams soar upward, silently lifting

     dance with the clouds now you’re drifting!

Seal your soul within these soothing mists

     and savor the airy feeling which persists.


Awaken now, the radiant sun is hot

     sense the serenity it was you sought

Stretch sleepy limbs and have a yawn

     the magic which held you is now far gone.


© 1984, 2014 by Patrick B. Coomer. May not be used without the express written consent of the author.

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