4 comments on “Why Write and… Stuff

  1. I have to agree with Ma! Just do it! It was about 30 years ago when I wrote my first novel, and I only got around to self-publishing last year. It’s a real slog to edit, re-edit several times, proof read and then finally publish it, but it gives you amazing satisfaction. My advice to you would be, before you start to edit it, read as much as you can about grammar. Next you need to know how to promote it as your sales campaign should actually start a few months before your book is available. I’m only giving you this advice because I published my book in April 2013 and only found out all these thngs afterward. It’s too late then. I’m only just beginning to build up my followers.
    You are already blogging, so that’s one positive step. You’ll need as many followers as possible when your book goes live. The traditional method of publishing is very difficult for newcomers to penetrate, and if you self-publish you are competing with around 30,000 new books a year. Expect it to be hard, but it’s also an enjoyable challenge. So no more excuses, just finish it. I wish you well. 🙂


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