3 comments on “Fighting the Nicotine Monkey

  1. Well done on finding a way , that suits you, to give up. I have asthma so used to complain when my husband smoked near me. He gave up through his own health issues and felt better for it. He still missed smoking while pottering around in his garage but , like you, felt so much better.


  2. same here. vaping might be the good solution and quitting also the best choice. not only it cures our senses but pratically learned how to recoil all that stuff. Still happy vaping though and hoping someday will quit vaping perhaps.?


    • I hope this device will be the ONE which helps me put down the drug for good. I haven’t bought a pack of smokes in 5 days, and I already feel better. With the savings from not buying smokes I’m using on new car payments, so I’d better NOT start again! Thanks for the comment.


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